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ORCHARD Machinery

Root Pruner PK/H

The Ditta-Seria root pruner is the ideal machine to regulate the tree growth and fruit bearing control, Recommended for work in orchards with intensive vegetative growtth.Undercutting the tree roots effectively restricts the sprawling canopy of fruit trees which affects the fruiting, The machine is attatched to the tractor with the three point linkage with hydraulic controls to adjust the working width and depth of the machine for use in different row widths, The working depth is 65cm,

Picking Train WS

The WS Series of picking train is a robust and versatile train they are all fitted with ball hitches front and rear to connect to each other they also each have a stand so they can be connected to the tractor easier, The standard WSI picking train is powder coated and painted whilst the WSII picking train is hot dipped galvanised, There is the option of a 3 point linkage hitch to mount on the tractor to make connecting easier.

Platform Sadownicza DS-PW

Ditta-Seria brings you a new innovative orchard platform with expandable sides as the upper rail is pushed out the galvanised mesh floor moves out as well, The platform is used for any height work in orchards such as harvesting, pruning etc, The height is adjusted using the tractor hydraulics on the standard version or with the option of a manual hand pump mounted on the platform, The Fruit bins are loaded and unloaded from either side, The platform comes with a double pivoting axle to allow for smoother working in the orchard, The platform comes in two heights the standard DS-PWI platform is 96cm high and adjusts up to 155cm and the width adjusts from 135cm out to 220cm, The DS-PWII platform is 100cm high and adjusts up to 226cm and the width adjusts from 135cm out to 220cm.


Picking Train DS-WS3 
Picking train DS -WS 3 is designed to transport three pallets measuring 120 x 100 cm and a weight of 400 kg each. Carts are used in the collection and transportation of fruit from the orchard to the storage. We offer carts painted or galvanized. 

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