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Lochmann Plantatec Sprayers

The superb quality of Lochmann Plantatec’s new tractor-mounted and semi-mounted atomisers and sprayers is the result of over 60 years’ experience, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials plus strict quality control during the manufacturing process.
The solid workmanship, which meets the highest quality standards, and the sophisticated modular construction mean that a particular atomiser or sprayer can be tailored to a specific area of application, e.g. high-density orchards, orchards with standard trees, any wine crops and all kinds of other things. The compact design and small dimensions make it possible to use the atomiser or sprayer in the narrowest spaces.

RPS Trailed Air Blast Sprayers


LOCHMANN Trailed Sprayers
The new trailed sprayers by Lochmann have numerous innovations and offer users even more precise function as well as more safety and comfort. Solid workmanship that complies with the highest quality standards and the sophisticated modular construction let you choose between various blower sizes, trailer systems, regulating valves, nozzles and thus optimally tailor your sprayer to the particular area of application (high-density plantations, wine growing, bed planting and tall trees with rounded crowns). The compact design and small dimensions make it possible to use the device in the tightest spaces. All parts requiring maintenance are easy to access.

LOCHMANN Mounted Sprayers
The new mounted sprayers by Lochmann with their different blower types (all directly driven by a turn gear mechanism) and the newly developed polyethylene tanks offer even more precise function, more safety and greater user comfort thanks to their numerous innovations.
Even though it has all the trimmings, the cleverly designed tank shape enables compact external dimensions and optimal weight transfer, which means it can be used safely in the extremely tight spaces and difficult terrain.

LOCHMANN Portable Powder Sprayers
The new portable powder sprayers by Lochmann were developed for deploying herbicides and any other pesticides.
The device consists of a polyethylene tank with a clean-water tank for cleaning the sprayer, a hand washing tank, a reversible suction filter, a hot-dip galvanised steel frame and a vibration-damped 3-membrane pump. The regulating valve is easy to operate from the driver’s seat and a return-flow agitator ensures consistent blending of the spray mixture.

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